Areas of Law & Services


  • Infrastructure C & D
  • Modeling & Monetization
  • Strategic Growth Planning


  • Formation & Governance
  • Planning & Succession
  • Contracts & Negotiations


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Administrative Logistics
  • Internal (Pro)Active Audits


  • Staff & Leadership Training
  • Organizational Management
  • Risk Management

What is Intellectual Law?

Intellectual law is less about law, than it is about legal approach. It is a unique blend of legal knowledge, business experience and industry-specific, game theory optimal strategy. The goal is to create infrastructure, develop processes and maximize value, all while limiting associated risks. Intellectual law is a methodical approach to legal problems that offers practical solutions. The ultimate objective is to position the client in a way that allows laser focus on making intelligent, effective and profitable decisions.

Keenan Holmes, Esquire
Managing Member

“Value beyond legal knowledge” is not merely a catchy tagline, rather it is a statement of what you can expect when working with Keenan Holmes and his team. Keenan opened his law practice in 2006, after leaving one of Pittsburgh’s largest law firms, but he is far from your typical big firm attorney – or any attorney for that matter.

Attorney Holmes is a true “entrepreneurial” attorney and businessman, who has owned a start up interactive technology company (amongst others), served and advised as general counsel for small and medium size organizations (up to $15MM in annual revenues) and operated as interim CEO of one of the largest healthcare providers in Pennsylvania.

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